Big Game Trapping Equipment

Big Game Trapping Equipment

Sisco D Trapping & Exotics uses cutting-edge strategies and top-quality equipment to streamline the process of trapping and relocating exotic animals across the state of Texas. Nothing makes our job easier than well-functioning equipment!

Trap Bulletpoints

Our basic exotics traps consist of...

  • 13 panels 8′ tall by 12′ wide.
  •  2 curtain gates that interlock
  • Form a 48′ diameter circle
  • Interior sorting wing and a 30′ load out alleyway.
  • All panels have 80 mil plastic screwed to the square tubing frame.
  • 4′ sliders can be added in the alleyway for sorting animals before entering the trailer.
  • release panels turn animals out of the alleyway
  • All traps are customizable. You can add more gates or panels to make a bigger trap, and a 2′ extension is available to make the trap taller.

*Our trapping equipment is not for sale.

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