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Welcome to Sisco D Trapping & Exotics - leaders in Texas exotics trapping. Our mission is to provide Texas landowners with excellent service while supporting our veterans and first responders by donating a portion of everything we earn. Whether you are looking to remove exotics that have become pests, add to your exotics population for hunting and breeding purposes, or just looking to make some extra money off of the exotics you have on your property, we have a solution to fulfill your needs.

Sisco D Trapping & Exotics will always provide top dollar for each animal removed from the property. If you are unsure of the value that the animals on your property hold, we would also be happy to share with you how to better understand the market value of each species in order to allow you to utilize the natural resources on your land.

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Effective Solutions

Effective Solutions

We are aware that every client has a different need, and every situation requires a different solution. Our decades of experience in handling big game has given us a unique ability to assess any situation in order to provide efficient and effective services. 

Cutting Edge Approach

Cutting Edge Approach

Our innovative approach to wildlife capture is what sets us apart from our competitors. Not many operations in the outdoor space have SAAS/Tech backgrounds. This gives the Sisco D Team a tremendous advantage when it comes to strategy, organization, communication and enterprise-level professionalism. 

Sisco D Guarantee

Sisco D Guarantee

We guarantee top dollar market value of all animals at its highest level.

We guarantee all animals to be delivered in healthy conditions and on time.

We guarantee to always contribute a portion of every job to our veterans and first responders.

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Trapping Services

Texas Exotics Trapping

Looking to remove exotics from your property? You have come to the right place. Sisco D Trapping & Exotics is the top big game trapping and relocation expert in the state of Texas. Our years of experience in handling game, knowledge of their individual nuances, and top-of-the-line equipment allow us to do full capture and relocation of exotic animals with the utmost efficiency.

We buy exotics!

Although exotics in Texas are often seen as a nuisance, they are also an extremely valuable resource for landowners to take advantage of. We will not only catch and remove exotics from your property - we will do it for free, and will actually pay you top dollar per head for every animal we remove. Money may not grow on trees, but it does walk around on four legs!

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Our real-time Reo-Link feed offers 24/7 surveillance on all of our traps from any location around the globe. You will never worry about our seasoned team missing an opportunity.


Our cutting-edge selection of equipment will allow Sisco D to manage each job with ease. Leave the itinerary to us and trust in the best!


Our trapping and relocation options take all the work out of your day - simply point the way and let our team handle all of the hard work.

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