Common Questions About Game Trapping

Common Questions About Game Trapping

Do you build/manufacture trap systems?

No, but we are happy to provide you with recommendations from 2 of our premiere trap manufacturing partners, give us a call.

Do you service the entire state of Texas?

Yes, and we are also capable of hauling across state lines.

Are there any state-required permits to trap exotics in Texas?

While there are no permit requirements for trapping exotics in Texas, there can be TPWD and TAHC rules and regulations that must be followed depending on the targeted animals. Depending on your catch needs we will disclose all of these if any are required.

How do you pay customers for the animals you capture?

All our customers are paid on site the day the animals are removed from the trap in full by either company check or credit card.

What if an animal dies during transport?

Once an animal is in our possession it is our responsibility, we will never ask a customer to refund any money. That said, we are highly skilled at live game transport and your animals will be in good hands.

Do you provide referral incentives for customers who may know of somewhere to set up and catch exotics?

Yes, we compensate very well and also offer hunting perks on our game ranch for all our referral customers.

When can you trap exotic animals in Texas?

All year long 24/7

Can a landowner make a lot of money selling their exotics?

Yes, selling exotics can be very lucrative. Some of our customers have used our services to make additions to their properties or buy equipment ie: houses, cabins, ponds, tractors, etc.

How long do you need access to the property?

Depending on if the property is High Fence or Low Fence can determine the length of time required before animals feel comfortable entering the trap. We ask for a min of 90 days on site, but have been in/out of trap jobs in as little as 1 week for some customers

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