Exotics Sales & Purchases in Texas

Exotics Sales & Purchases in Texas

Exotics for Sale in Texas

Sisco D Trapping & Exotics specializes in removing, purchasing, selling and relocating exotic animals across Texas. Being a provider in the wild game industry, Sisco D makes your animals our priority, selling at great prices! If you are a landowner with exotic animals that you are hoping to relocate or purchase, we are here to help. 

Terms of Animal Purchase

  • Payments are to be made by Check, Card or Cash at the time of delivery or pick up.
  • No guarantee against sickness, accident or death. Removal shall be at the expense, liability, time and risk of the purchaser. The purchaser of each animal certifies that they will assume liability for the payment. 
  • Every animal is sold per head and ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Buyers assume the responsibility of understanding the terms of the sale before you buy anything. If you have any questions, ask a Sisco D staff member. 
  • Animals must be paid for PRIOR to loading the animals and removing them from the premises. No one is allowed in the alley to load their own animals and you must have a copy of your load out sheet and proof of payment before you will be loaded. 
  • Delivery fees will vary on distance and load type. Average loaded mile rate is $3.25 per mile. 
Texas Exotics for Sale

Exotics For Sale in Texas

As big game and exotics trappers, we have unique access to all kinds of exotics around the state of Texas, from axis deer, aoudad, and blackbuck to less common animals like scimitar-horned oryx or eland. The landowners who call us to trap game are typically looking to get rid of animals out of necessity - reducing overpopulation, cutting down on feed costs during drought, or just getting some quick cash. This allows us to sell the animals that we capture at fair market value, offering you the chance to boost your own exotics population affordably.

No matter what kind of exotics you are looking to buy, we either have them, or we can get them!

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How Our Live Exotic Sales Work

We have trapping contracts with ranchers all across Texas where we are constantly acquiring animals to send to new homes. If you are looking to stock your ranch with exotic game, all you have to do is contact us and we will offer you a full consultation on availability and pricing. We will handle the trapping, handling, and transport to your ranch!

When you buy exotics from us, a portion of everything we earn goes directly toward supporting veterans and first responders through the Hometown Hero Outdoors program. We are thankful for all the service men and women whose sacrifices offer us the freedom to do what we do.

Sell Your Exotics

How to Sell Your Exotics - We Will Buy Them!

Looking to sell exotics? We will come to your property, trap the animals for free, and pay you for them in full on site. This is a great way to deal with nuisance animals, overpopulation, or simply to make some easy money! We are the leading experts in exotic game capture in the state of Texas and will cover all of the labor, equipment, and strategy so you don't have to lift a finger.

What happens to the animals? We will either organize resale and relocation to a new property, or they will be relocated to our own ranch for breeding and hunting purposes. Either way, our team stays with the animals from start to finish to ensure they are handled with care and make it safely to their new home. We have years of experience in wild game transport and in-depth knowledge of TPWD & TAHC Animal Regulations (LAR), making this a smooth process.

Terms of Animal Sales

  • Market price is subject to fluctuation, Sisco D is committed to providing as near to 50/50 splits for animal purchases based on present-day market values. 
    • Live Safe Price (Price of an animal sold to a buyer) 
    • Strike Price (Price Sisco D pays to buy an animal) 
  • EXAMPLE: If an Axis Doe live sells for $500 the strike price would be $250 
  • Every animal is sold per head and ALL SALES ARE FINAL!
  • Buyers assume the responsibility of understanding the terms of the sale before you buy anything. If you have any questions, ask a Sisco D Staff Member. 
  • Sisco D will always pay in full for all animals loaded out from traps before removing them from the property. 

Sell Your Exotics

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